Much of our tuba/euphonium stock is at MWRTEC at Indiana University - Purdue University Ft. Wayne.

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Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Tubas Rudy Meinl CC Used A used Rudy Meinl 5RV 3/4 CC tuba. Has a 16.75" bell, 725" bore, and an aftermarket 1VS pull ring. Excellent response with great sound color. Compact/focused sound is great chamber groups and light orchestra. A great choice for a do all horn. Used w/bag. Apr 19 $7,850.00
French Horns Hunter F/Bb Used A used Hunter double french horn in lacquer finish. A great, highly affordable option as a first double horn for the progressing student. Used w/case. Apr 19 $650.00 On Hold
French Horns Holton Bb/F Used A used H188 double horn, with a .462" bore and an extra-large solid nickel silver 12.25" bell. The extra large bell gives this instrument a full, sonorous sound with rich depth. Used, w/case. Apr 19 $2,495.00
French Horns Conn F/Bb New Same as Conn 8D with screw bell. Apr 19 $5,439.00 On Hold
French Horns Atkinson F/Bb New Atkinson "Geyer" Model AG3K. Features unibody valve block construction for smooth playing with less disturbance through the valves. Hollow valves reduce weight and improve response. Chicago-Geyer dimensions used for the spun bells. With Protec case Apr 19 $12,500.00
Trombones Yamaha Eb Used A used Yamaha 671 alto trombone in lacquered finish. Features a 7.125" bell, a 0.470-0.490" dual bore, and two leadpipes. In really great cosmetic and playing shape! Used w/case+leadpipes. Apr 19 $1,250.00
Trombones Bach Bb Used A used Bach 36 straight trombone in lacquered finish. Built in the 80's, featuring an 8" yellow brass bell, and a .525" medium-large bore. In very good condition, showing signs of cosmetic wear. Used w/Cronkite Bag. Apr 19 $1,100.00
Trombones Olds Bb Used An Olds Super "Featherweight" in lacquered finish. Features a "Tone Control Band" around the edge of the bell, described as giving the player "Tonal Flexibility." In great shape with only few signs of cosmetic wear. Used w/case. Apr 19 $750.00
Trombones Conn Bb Used A beautiful Conn 4H in satin silver finish, which dates back to 1925. Shows some signs of cosmetic wear, but is in otherwise great shape. Great if you're looking for a unique vintage horn! Used no case. Apr 19 $650.00
Trombones Bach Bb Used A used Bach 488 "New York 67" bass trumpet in lacquer finish. Made during the New York years of Bach production, these horns are often highly coveted. This one was made between 1950 and 1953. Shows some signs of cosmetic wear, but plays great! Used w/case Apr 19 $3,995.00 On Hold
Trombones Conn Bb/F Used A used Conn 14H in good condition. This horn is pancake wrap, features in-slide tuning, and a unique leather thumb trigger saddle. Shows signs of cosmetic wear, but in good playing condition. Used no case. Apr 19 $795.00 On Hold
Trombones Jupiter Bb/F/Gb/D New A used XO 1240RL-T bass trombone in lacquered finish. This horn had a 9.5" rose brass bell, .571" bore, and yellow brass outer slide tubes. An open wrap horn with independent dual axial flow valves. Comes w/ case and 3 interchangeable lead pipes. Apr 19 $3,395.00
Trombones Yamaha C Used Yamaha's standard model valve trombone, Pitched in the Key of C, provides the rich noble tone of a trombone, but with the quick clean action of piston valves for those unfamiliar with slide positions. .500" bore, 8" bell. Used w/ case. Apr 19 $1,300.00
Trumpets & Cornets Taylor Bb Used A Chicago 46 II Lite from Taylor trumpets in "Like-New" condition. A beautiful horn with a heated treated 5.25" red brass bell, and a .460" bore. All lacquer is 100%, in terrific condition. Used w/case. Apr 17 $7,300.00
Trumpets & Cornets Getzen Bb Used A used Getzen 700 in silver plate, featuring a .460" bore, and a 4.75" bell. A great instrument for the advancing student looking for a step up! In great playing shape. Used w/case. Apr 17 $650.00

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