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New Year brings New Thors.
Three New! Two Lacquer, & One Silver.
Lastly, One used in great shape!!!

MAW valves! We are now your source for Martin A. Wilk (MAW) valves! These valves are an exciting new advancement in valve technology. Available for Tuba and Trumpet! Tuba:$1250, Trumpet:$750 Call us for more information!

Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
French Horns Conn F/Bb New The C.G. Conn 7D Geyer wrap French Horn is designed with the student in mind. The ergonomic valve cluster and adjustable thumb spatula accommodate a variety of hand sizes. Smaller bell throat for fast response and ease of playability. With Case. Jun 28 Call for Price
French Horns Briz F/Bb Used A Briz 680 Kruspe style double horn, German made. A truly great playing horn for the price. Perfect for the advancing student. Used w/ case. Jun 28 $1,095.00
French Horns Hans Hoyer F/Bb New Hoyer G10 Geyer style, copies of the old Geyer's. Great playing horns, available in String & Mechanical linkage, detachable bell. with Case Jun 28 $5,713.00
French Horns Conn F/Bb Used The Conn 8DRS .468" bore, Kruspe wrap, 12-1/4" large throat rose brass screw bell, rose brass first branch and mouthpipe for added warmth and depth. Used w/ case. Jun 28 $3,895.00
Euphoniums Adams Bb New E1 Bb euphonium from Adams. Featuring 12.1" bell and 15mm(16mm at 4th valve) bore and the patented Adams mouthpiece receiver for adjustable mouthpiece gap, to fine tune color, intonation and timbre. Available in gauges: 0.60, in beautiful brushed lacquer. Jun 28 $6,895.00
French Horns Lewis & Durk F/Bb Used Lewis & Dürk decided to integrate the legendary CF Schmidt design into their popular LDx7 with help from Dale Clevenger. The legendary timbre is combined with improved intonation, excellent response and evenness in all registers. Used w/ Bonna case. Jun 28 $9,500.00
Trumpets & Cornets Schilke Bb Used A lightly used Schilke XA1 Bb Cornet. ML .460” bore,5" Copper Bell with #1 Taper. The XA1 Bb cornet has a vintage English cornet design with a tighter wrap for a dark, rich, intimate sound. Ideal for brass band playing or jazz settings. Used, no case. Jun 28 $1,695.00
Tubas Wurzbach BBb Used A used Wurzbach 4/4 4V (rotor) Kaiser-style tuba. A good playing horn for a great price. Used w/ case. Jun 28 $1,695.00
Tubas Packer F New The JP379 Sterling F Tuba represents John Packer Ltd's flagship 5V F Tuba with additional components from Sterling Brass. .748" - .827" bore, 16.5" gold brass bell. Demo from ITEC, w/ case. Jun 28 $4,750.00
Tubas Packer BBb New The JP379 Sterling BB Tuba represents John Packer Ltd's flagship 4 inline rotary valve BB Tuba. Created in collaboration with Paul Riggett of Sterling Brass. 4 rotary valves, .768" bore, 17.7" bell. Demo instrument from ITEC, with case. Jun 28 $5,495.00
Tubas Yamaha Eb Used A lightly used Yamaha YEB-631 4V (3+1) Compensating Eb tuba. 19" yellow brass bell, 0.689" – 0.728" dual bore. Perfect for solo and brass band work! Used w/ case. Jun 28 $4,995.00
Tubas Yamaha BBb Used A used Yamaha YBB-321S BBb 4/4 4V tuba. In good condition, previous signs of repair and a great choice for someone looking for a good tuba on a budget. This horn has a big and warm tone and good intonation. Used w/ case. Jun 28 $1,995.00
Tubas Meinl Weston CC Used A used Meinl Weston 37 "Bill Bell" model CC tuba. Previously owned by Sam Pilafian during his tenure with Empire Brass! 16" detachable bell, .689" bore, 5 rotary valves (4+1 LH). Used w/ case. Jun 28 $5,995.00
Tubas Meinl Weston BBb Used A used Meinl Weston 10 3V 3/4 BBb tuba. This is a fun an portable tuba that will work great for students or professionals on the go! Used w/ case. Jun 28 $1,147.00
Trumpets & Cornets JZ Bb New JZ Flugel Horn w/ goldbrass leadpipe Jun 27 $495.00

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